Hamish Oliver - Composer Hamish Oliver - Composer


Featured video examples of my composition and performance (click on the buttons for more examples):

Game music/audio showreel

I gravitate towards stylish video games, and aim to explore the huge potential of interactive music / sound design and to dig deep into the implementation of it into the game engine. The result is audio that seamlessly supports the action onscreen in a convincing way, no matter what the player does.

Film/TV/theatre composition

In music and sound that supports some kind of linear narrative or imagery, I love contrast and detail. I love evoking feelings and supporting and enhancing mood. Having created music and sound design for live theatre since the start of my career has informed work in the other disciplines.

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To performance I bring my solid classical and jazz training, along with a lot of experience in both contributing to an ensemble (orchestras on piano and clarinet, rock and pit bands on keyboards, a ska band on bass guitar); and leading bands and casts. I proud to be the pianist for the CHCH Symphony Orchestra, and a 'muso' since 1997 for the improvised drama company The Court Jesters.

Other Video Examples
Hamish Oliver - Composer