Hamish Oliver - Composer Hamish Oliver - Composer

Composition for TV/Film/Theatre/Games: Video Samples

In music and sound that supports some kind of linear narrative or imagery, I love contrast and detail. I love evoking feelings and supporting and enhancing mood. Having created music and sound design for live theatre since the start of my career has informed work in the other disciplines.

Game music/audio showreel

I gravitate towards stylish video games, and aim to explore the huge potential of interactive music / sound design and to dig deep into the implementation of it into the game engine. The result is audio that seamlessly supports the action onscreen in a convincing way, no matter what the player does.

"Hamlet: The Video Game (The Stage Show)"

Opening titles from the interactive play


A short demo created with photographer/film-maker Giora Dan.

"Perfect Coffee"

From the Nikon Asia HD Video Showcase. Video by Giora Dan

"Pacific Island Paradise"

From the Nikon Asia HD Video Showcase. Video by Paul Daly

"Southern Island Adventure"

From the Nikon Asia HD Video Showcase. Video by Paul Daly

"A Story For Christchurch"

This video was created by the award-winning documentary film-maker Peter Young, from Fisheye Films. It "captures the key themes that make Christchurch an amazing place to live, work and visit both today and in the future." The larger project it came from is here.


Excerpts from live performances of "Macbeth", created by The Loons

"Carboys and the Indian"

A short film made as part of the 48 Hours Film Competition. My score won "Best Original Score in Region".

Hamish Oliver - Composer