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Hamish Oliver

Composition & Sound Design for Games/TV/Film/Theatre

Hi! I'm a composer and sound designer for those things mentioned just above. I also do a lot of related things such as performing, arranging, lecturing, musical directing, and synth programming. My work as an arranger and performer appears on albums by a few different recording artists, and I've toured internationally several times as a keyboard player. I'm currently building contacts and skills in the video game world after winning a professional development award, and looking forward to attending the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco to continue immersing myself in the music, sound and techniques of that world.

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Game music/audio showreel

Over the last few years I've been composing and designing sound for video games, and aim to become as proficient in audio middleware (e.g. Wwise) as I am in music/sound creation. In 2015 I was given an APRA Professional Development Award ($NZD10,000) to further this.

Film/TV/theatre composition

I've been composing and designing sound professionally for film/TV/theatre since 1997.

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I play piano for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, and have toured internationally with several recording artists.

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Hamish Oliver - Composer