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Current/Recent projects


In 2012 I wrote and produced the theme and all other music for the 13-episode Whitebait Productions' "Hearts And Crafts" show. It's a show "celebrating Kiwis' appetite and passion for handmade crafts".Episodes are available on demand here for those living in New Zealand.

Here's the Nikon HD Video Showcase - four beautifully-shot video clips that I was commissioned to compose and produce music for Nikon Asia in 2010 and 2011. Thanks to Mike Fudakowski (bass and co-writer of "Coffee"), Mike Ferrar and Harry Harrison (guitars) and Laura Tomlin (vocals). And thanks also to the amazing guys at Nomadic Planet for the chance to work on their beautiful footage.


In February 2013 I created the music and sound design for the Court Theatre's production of "August:Osage County", which I think could be the best play I've ever been involved in. Every aspect of the production was fantastic. I had a lot of fun routing audio to speakers placed in different parts of the set AND writing some atmospheric dobro music with the talented Harry Harrison.

I was proud to be part of the Loons Circus Theatre Company as composer/sound designer/musician for "Macbeth". The rubble of demolished buildings in Lyttelton created a fantastic opportunity to have a suitably ravaged and even post-apocalyptic feel for our version. And my duduk playing is slowly getting better and better...


Currently working on arrangements, re-inventions and compositions for "NZ Rocks", another hilarious production of the Outwits. This one is a celebration of New Zealand music, I'm arranging the opening song for performance by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in "Classical Sparks", and I'm playing live in the production, wearing tails, shorts and jandals...

The Adults are doing another performance similar to the one we did with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. This time it's with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (January 30, 2014, Aotea Centre in Auckland). My two arrangements ("Short Change" and "Up & Gone") along with the utterly fantastic arrangements of Claire Cowan, Steve Small, and Steve Bremner will be getting another airing. Here's the live album of the Adults / CSO concert, and here's a video of Steve Small's arrangement of "Anniversary Day" from that concert (me on piano).

In August and September 2013 I was musical director for the world premiere of "The Great Art War", a new musical by Philip Norman and Stuart Hoar, at the Court Theatre. Intriguing subject matter, talented cast and fellow violin muso Juno Pyun.

I was 'fixer' and keyboard player on Elaine Paige's 2012 NZ / Australia / China / Singapore tour. It was great to see some of the same UK team from the 2009 tour, spend some quality time in Shanghai (after some cancellations due to the government choosing a new leader), hang out with Danny Troob (who did a few arrangements), hang out with Kris Phillips (Fei Xiang) , and play some top quality Chris Egan arrangements with some talented NZ friends.

My orchestral arrangement of the NZ classic, Hello Sailor's "Gutter Black" was well-received in mid-2013, and beatifully performed with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra by the divine pairing of L.A. Mitchell and Anika Moa.

Hamish Oliver - Composer